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Question #1:
Who scored 50 goals in 39 NHL games ?



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Game On for Hockey Trivia

If you grew up playing hockey, or learned the sport second hand, then you are no doubt a hockey trivia fan. No matter how far back your hockey memory takes you, you will have heard the names of the past stars, the long ago greats and the players just recently elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame. (A must visit for any hockey fan!) The first player to score 50 goals in 50 games? Maurice Richard. Since then it has happend 7 more times.

Hockey is a very action intensive game. During the play by play, the game commentators will be talking about the action. But every faceoff, there is time to see a replay, spit out a few stats, and reminisce about past legends of the game. Then the 20 minute intermissions between periods, a built in review, reply, stats leader board showcase. It is full of the inevitable comparisons to the greats of the game.

Where hockey analysis has taken a tremendous step forward the ability to provide situational analysis, stats relevant to the game status, such as power play production in the 3rd period, offensive zone faceoffs won, save percentage in the final 5 minutes. While none of these are official stat categories, they help the analysts, and the fans to seperate the players in new ways. Before you had your scorers, and your muckers. Now the role of the defensive forward, the shut down ability of a defensive defenceman can truly be appreciated. What I like most of all is how hockey has added some meaningfull stats just based on the pure play on the ice such as hits. An arbitrary stat for sure, at least arbitrary in what is deemed a hit, but something the game is losing.

But it's not all about fancy modern day stats. Who was the first goalie to win rookie of the year? Mike Karakas. How many regular season games did Ken Dryden play before backstopping the Canadiens to a Stanley Cup in 1971 and winning the Conn Smythe? Six. What brothers tallied the most points in their NHL careers? The six Sutter brothers with just 73 more points than Wayne and Brent Gretzky (2,853 for Wayne and 4 for Brent).

Hockey Trivia has amazing facts, just pick a topic and dive into the archives. Game On!