Basketball Trivia Questions

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Approved Basketball Questions:

1 Which one of these players did not win 3 consecutive MVP awards?
2 Where are the NBA team the Bulls from?
3 How many points do you get for making a 3 point shot in basketball?
4 What is a basketball filled with?
5 What was the first NBA team Lebron James played for ?
6 Which NBA team does Michael Jordan own?
7 How high is a regulation basketball hoop?
8 What 2 jersey numbers did Michael Jordan wear for the Bull?
9 Where was Manny Ginobli born?
10 Where do the Jazz play home games?
11 Who's nickname was The Mailman?
12 Where do the Heat play home games?
13 Which team is no longer in the NBA?
14 What is the trophy given to the NBA champion?
15 The NBA's championship trophy is called the ?
16 The NBA Rookie of the Year trophy is the?
17 Who votes for the Maurice Podoloff Trophy (MVP)?
18 The Red Auerbach Trophy is for the ?
19 The NBA Sportsmanship Award is also called the ?
20 Who wore 23 for the Chicago Bulls?
21 Who scored 100 points in an NBA game?
22 What is the violation when the ref rolls his arms?
23 How many points are scored on a dunk?
24 What year did the NBA play it's first game?
25 What two teams played in the first NBA game?
26 How many teams were in the NBA in it's first season?
27 Where are the Spurs from?
28 This NBA team is from?
29 The Bucks are from?
30 This is the logo for the NBA team?
31 The Cavaliers are from?
32 The Boston Celtics play in the?
33 The LA Clippers are from?
34 The Dallas Mavericks play in the?
35 This is the logo for the NBA team?
36 This team plays in the?
37 The Miami Heat play in the?
38 This is the logo of the?
39 The Utah Jazz play in the?
40 The Knicks are from?
41 The LA Lakers are from?
42 The Kings play in the?
43 The Orlando Magic play in the?
44 This is the logo of the?
45 This team began playing in the NBA as the Pelicans in?
46 The Denver Nuggets play in the?
47 This is the logo of the?
48 The Pistons play in?
49 This is the logo of the NBA team from?
50 This is the NBA logo of the?
51 The Spurs play in the?
52 This is the NBA logo of the?
53 This is the logo of the Oklahoma City?
54 The Timberwolves are from?
55 This is the log of the NBA team the?
56 The Warriors play in?
57 This is the logo of the Washington?
58 The Chicago Sky are a team in the?
59 This team plays in the?
60 This team logo is for the Sun from?
61 The Wings play in the?
62 The Indiana Fever are a basketball team in the?
63 The Los Angeles Spakrs play basketball in the?
64 The Minnesota Lynx play in the?
65 The NY Liberty play basketball in the?
66 This team plays for the WNBA in?
67 The San Antonio Stars play in the?
68 The Seattle Storm play in the?
69 The WNBA team the Mysticsa play in?
70 Who invented basketball?
71 When was the 3 point line added to the NBA?
72 Which hall of famer is the player on the NBA logo?
73 The 1992 US Olympic basketball team was called the ?

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