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Question #1:
Who holds the record for highest career batting average at .367?



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Why We Love Baseball Trivia

Like no other sport, baseball lends itself to discussion. In a 9 inning baseball game, approximately 3 hours of time pass, with about 15 minutes of on-field action. That leaves the rest of the time for talking about baseball. If you are watching on TV, the play by play and color commentator will fill that time with recounting some of the action of the game, some replay, but most of it will be filled with some nostalgia, discussion on the players, and team stats, and player stats, and player vs player stats, and team vs team stats and more stats spun everyway you never imagined. Over the past few years, science has invaded baseball. If you love baseball and like science, it's a match made in statistician heaven. With StatCast measuring everything, exit velocity, launch angle, spin rate, route efficiency, and then a ton of new players ratings using combinations of stats, WAR, OPS, etc., there is no end to the possible angles that we can approach a baseball game from.

It all makes for great fuel for the discussion fire and even more ways to compare the modern ball player to the stars of previous eras. With all the sources of stats now available on the internet, having your phone open to a search on baseball statistics while watching a live broadcast is today's sporting fan's definition of multi-tasking. Add a beer to the other hand and we are talking triple crown skills.

Beyond all the stats, ratios, baseball trivia is originally rooted in the stories of heros, players with seemingly superhuman abilities and dynasty teams that everyone learns to love or hate. At the end of the day, just ask a few true baseball fans a simple question, who was better, Willie Mays or Mike Trout. Let the baseball trivia fly! Game On!