Hockey Trivia Questions

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Approved Hockey Questions:

1 Who is the only 3 time Conn Smyth award winner (playoff MVP)?
2 Who is the only defenseman to win an NHL scoring title??
3 Where is the Hockey Hall of Fame?
4 How many nets are used in a hockey game?
5 Who is the career wins record holder among NHL goalies?
6 What jersey number did Wayne Gretzky wear?
7 Which player wore #19?
8 Which of these was not one of the NHL original six?
9 Who holds the record for most points in an NHL game with 10?
10 What makes a hat trick in hockey?
11 Which NHL team can be abbreviated TML?
12 How many periods in a regulation hockey game?
13 Who won the Stanley Cup in 2015?
14 Who won the Stanley Cup in 2014?
15 Who won the Stanley Cup in 2013?
16 Who won the Stanley Cup in 2012?
17 Who are The Habs?
18 Who won the Stanley Cup in 2011?
19 Who won the Stanley Cup in 2010?
20 Who won the Stanley Cup in 2009?
21 Who won the Stanley Cup in 2008?
22 Who won the Stanley Cup in 2007?
23 Who won the Stanley Cup in 2006?
24 Who won the Stanley Cup in 2005?
25 Who won the Stanley Cup in 2004?
26 Who won the Stanley Cup in 2003?
27 Who won the Stanley Cup in 2002?
28 Who won the Stanley Cup in 2001?
29 Who won the Stanley Cup in 2000?
30 What number does Sidney Crosby wear ?
31 What number does Evgeni Malkin wear?
32 Which team was Steve Yzerman the captain?
33 What is maximum number of assists per goal in hockey?
34 How long is a minor penalty?
35 What position takes faceoffs?
36 Who was the first goalie to wear a mask?
37 Which NHL team plays for Carolina?
38 Who did the Oilers trade Gretzky to?
39 Who plays at the Consol Energy Center?
40 Who plays in the Saddledome?
41 Who plays home games in the Air Canada Center?
42 What NHL team uses the SAP Center as home ice?
43 Which Montreal Canadian was known as "The Flower"?
44 How many regular season games does each NHL team play?
45 Who scored 50 goals in 39 NHL games?
46 Who scored 50 goals in 39 NHL games ?
47 Which team featured the Broad Street Bullies?
48 Who were the French Connection?
49 Last year the Toronto Maple Leafs won the Stanley Cup?
50 Who was the Finnish Flash?
51 Who was the Russian Rocket?
52 Who were the members of the KLM line?
53 Where are the Oilers from?
54 Who wore #4 for the Boston Bruins?
55 Which team is not in the NHL?
56 How long is a hockey period?
57 Who were the Hanson brothers?
58 What team did the Hanson brothers play for?
59 What team is Jonathan Toews the captain?
60 Who hold the NHL record for shutouts?
61 What is the trophy called for winning the NHL playoffs?
62 Which country won the World Junior Gold Medal in 2016?
63 What day does the World Junior championship always start?
64 What is the NHL award for league MVP?
65 Where did the Flames play before Calgary?
66 What is a hockey puck made from?
67 Which NHL team plays in the Pepsi Center?
68 Which NHL team plays in the Rogers Center?
69 Who is Burnaby Joe?
70 What is the NHLs newest team?
71 What number did Super Mario wear?
72 What number does Connor McDavid wear?
73 What number did Eric Lindros wear?
74 In what country was Pavel Bure born?
75 Who assisted Sidney Crosby on the Golden Goal?
76 What number did Doug Gilmore wear?
77 Where was Gordie Howe born?
78 How many Hansen brothers were there?
79 How many blue lines on a hockey rink?
80 How many face off dots on a hockey rink?
81 Before an NHL game, the pucks are?
82 Who holds the career record for most regular season points by a goalie?
83 Who was the first NHL goalie credited with a goal?
84 Who was the first NHL goalie to score a playoff goal?
85 Who is the best three point shooter to ever play for the Golden State Warriors in the NBA.?
86 Hockey night in Canada is ?
87 The Hart Memorial Trophy is also known as the?
88 The NHL's best goalie wins which trophy?
89 The James Norris Memorial Trophy goes to the NHL's best?
90 The Memorial Cup is for the top?
91 The NHL rookie of the year wins the?
92 Lady Byng Memorial Trophy is for?
93 The NHL's best defensive forward win the?
94 The NHL top coach award is named the ?
95 The NHL award for the player who best exemplifies the qualities of perseverance, sportsmanship, and dedication to hockey is called the ?
96 Who votes for the the "most outstanding player" in the NHL award (Ted Lindsay Award)?
97 The Maurice Richard Trophy goes to the NHL's top?
98 The trophy for the NHL regular season points leader is called the ?
99 The playoff winner in the NHL Eastern Conference wins the ?
100 The playoff winner in the NHL Western Conference wins the ?
101 Awarded to the NHL club finishing the regular season with the best overall record?
102 Who is Super Mario?
103 Who is Mr. Hockey?
104 Who is The Rocket?
105 Who is The Finnish Flash?
106 Who is The Moose?
107 Who was Boom Boom?
108 Who is "The Hammer"?
109 What goalie was "Cujo"?
110 Who was "The Eagle"?
111 Which hockey player was "The Flower"?
112 What was Tiger William's real first name?
113 The Pocket Rocket was?
114 Who is "The Russian Rocket"?
115 Who is "The Golden Jet"?
116 What goalie was "Bunny"?
117 What NHL player was "The Rat"?
118 Who is "Grapes"?
119 Who is "The Finnish Flash"?
120 What is the penalty for icing?
121 How many minutes is a fighting major penalty?
122 How many minutes is a delay of game penalty?
123 Are you allowed to throw a puck into the opponent's goal?
124 At what point in the game may a coach remove his goalie and place another skater on the ice?
125 Where is the face off after an intentional offside infraction?
126 How many goals can be scored on a 5 minute major penalty?
127 How many times can a coach change the line of players on the ice during a regulation hockey game?
128 Which official wears a red arm band?
129 How many players are allowed inside the faceoff circle during a faceoff?
130 Who wore #93 for the Maple Leafs in 1993?
131 Which NHL team plays home games in British Columbia?
132 Which team is no longer in the NHL?
133 What is used to resurface a hockey rink between periods?
134 Who was the oldest professional hockey player?
135 What number did Gordie Howe wear?
136 What NHL team had s female goalie on its roster?
137 Why does Sidney Crosby wear 87?
138 What two NHL teams play in Alberta?
139 What is the name of the Red Deer WHL team?
140 What NHL team is from Ottawa?
141 What team was Jarome Iginla the captain of?
142 A zamboni is a?
143 In the NHL, what is the Battle of Alberta?
144 The NHL Battle of Ontario is?
145 Restaurant founder Tim Horton played?
146 How many NHL teams make the playoffs?
147 Where do the Senators play?
148 What is the NHL team in Seattle?
149 In what year was the first NHL game played?
150 How many teams did the NHL have in it's first season?
151 Which team won the first Stanley Cup in NHL history?
152 How many expansion teams joined the NHL for the 1967–68 season?
153 In what year did the expansion team Buffalo Sabres join the NHL?
154 In what year did the expansion team Vancouver Canucks join the NHL ?
155 What year did the Atlanta Flames move to Calgary?
156 In what year did 4 teams move from the World Hockey Association to the NHL?
157 What was the name of the NHL team in Winnipeg before the Jets?
158 Which team is not a Canadian NHL team?
159 Who's NHL career scoring record did Wayne Gretzky pass?
160 Which NHL team logo is this?
161 Which MLB team is this?
162 What NHL team is this logo?
163 This is the NHL logo of the ?
164 How many Stanley cups did the Montreal Canadians win in a row?
165 This team is known as the "Habs"?
166 This is the logo of the?
167 This NHL team is the Tampa Bay _______?
168 This logo was used the first time this team played in?
169 These are the Senators from?
170 The Kings are from?
171 The Predators are from?
172 These are the _______ Penguins?
173 This team is the?
174 This is the logo of the Detroit _______?
175 This NHL team is from?
176 This team has won the Stanley Cup?
177 The original name of the Rangers was ?
178 This is the logo of the Columbus?
179 The nickname of this team is the?
180 The Islanders are from?
181 These are the Anaheim?
182 The New Jersey ?
183 The San Jose?
184 The Sabres are from?
185 This logo is for the Carolina?
186 This is the NHL logo from the?
187 The Blues are from?
188 This was the logo for the Minnesota?
189 These were the?
190 The NHLs newest team, the Vegas?
191 How many times can a forward substitute in hockey?
192 How many minutes is overtime in a regular season NHL game?
193 How long is an NHL game that is tied after overtime?

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