Baseball Trivia Questions

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Approved Baseball Questions:

1 Which player made #2 famous for the Yankees?
2 How many runs can you score in baseball?
3 In what sport can you not get a strike?
4 Where is the Green Monster?
5 How many foul lines are there on a baseball field?
6 Who stole 130 bases in a single season?
7 What is the award called for pitcher of the year in MLB?
8 Which team played in Candlestick Park?
9 How many no-hitters did Nolan Ryan throw?
10 Who had the best record in MLB Baseball in 1994 but did not make the playoffs?
11 What is position #6 in a baseball scorebook?
12 Who said "It ain't over till it's over"?
13 Where do the Chicago Cubs play?
14 Who was the catcher for the "Big Red Machine"?
15 What team plays at Target Field?
16 Who plays at Dodger Stadium?
17 Which MLB team wears pinstripes ?
18 Who holds the record for highest career batting average at .367?
19 What is the pitching distance in fastball?
20 What is the pitching distance in baseball?
21 Which is not a team in the MLB?
22 Who plays their home games at Rogers Centre?
23 Who plays their home games at Safeco Field?
24 Who won the World Series in 2015?
25 Who won the World Series in 2014?
26 Who won the World Series in 2013?
27 Who won the World Series in 2012?
28 Who won the World Series in 2011?
29 Who won the World Series in 2010?
30 Who won the World Series in 2009?
31 Who won the World Series in 2008?
32 Who won the World Series in 2007?
33 Who won the World Series in 2006?
34 Who won the World Series in 2005?
35 Who won the World Series in 2004?
36 Who won the World Series in 2003?
37 Who won the World Series in 2002?
38 Who won the World Series in 2001?
39 Who won the World Series in 2000?
40 Who hit 744 Home Runs for their career?
41 How many runs is a grand slam worth?
42 How many outfield positions are there?
43 How many fielders must stand in fair territory before a legal pitch may be thrown?
44 What position plays behind home plate?
45 How many strikes until you are out?
46 Which company supplies all the baseballs to MLB?
47 Who is the career leader in strike outs?
48 How many regular season games does each MLB team play?
49 How many balls are awarded to the batter when the pitcher commits a balk?
50 With less than 2 outs, if the batter hits a ball that is caught in the air, a runner must do this before advancing?
51 Who was the Splendid Splinter?
52 Who was the Georgia Peach?
53 How far between bases on a regulation baseball field?
54 Who's uniform #42 is retired by all pro baseball teams?
55 If the batter hits a double, what base does he end up at?
56 If the batter hits a triple, what base does he end up at?
57 What was the distance from home plate to the centerfield wall at the Polo Grounds?
58 How tall is the Green Monster at Fenway Park?
59 What is a baseball term?
60 Who did Chipper Jones begin his MLB career with?
61 What player in baseball wears a mask?
62 What is a south paw?
63 What is it called when a baseball it hit outside the white lines?
64 Where are the Cubs from?
65 What position did Derek Jeter play for the Yankees?
66 What number is retired by all MLB teams?
67 Where did the Dodgers call home before L.A.?
68 What company makes the baseballs for the MLB?
69 What color are the laces on a baseball?
70 How many double stitches (pairs) are on a baseball?
71 Babe Ruth batted?
72 How many sides does home plate have?
73 Who broke Nolan Ryan's careen strikeout record, then had Ryan take it back in the same season?
74 Tinkers to Evers to ?
75 Who was the first #1 overall draft pick to make it to the hall of fame?
76 In what year did the Brooklyn Dodgers last play in Brooklyn?
77 What was the first year of the L.A. Dodgers?
78 In what year did Charlie Watt become the first recorded baseball player to wear a glove?
79 For how many years did the MLB allow metal bats?
80 Baseball gloves are usually made of ?
81 Which Hall of Fame basketball player retired to play minor league baseball?
82 The Warren C. Giles Trophy is presented to?
83 Who receives the William Harridge Trophy?
84 The Commisioner's Trophy is awarded to?
85 The MLB MVP awards are chosen by the?
86 The Cy Young award is given to the best player at which position?
87 The Jackie Robinson Award is for the?
88 The award for best fielder at each position is called the ?
89 The silver slugger award is for the best offensive player?
90 The Hank Aaron Award is given to the?
91 With a runner on base, the batter hits a home run. The runner hurts his ankle. Can the batter help the runner?
92 Which base is the keystone base?
93 Which spot in the betting order is cleanup?
94 What is a "can of corn"?
95 If a batter has a "golden sombrero", he has?
96 If a batter hits for the cycle, how many total bases is it?
97 What's the minimum number of runners that must be on base for the infield fly rule to be in effect?
98 If a runner is stealing second when the batter is hit by a pitch, where does the runner go?
99 Who was "Hammerin’ Hank"?
100 What was "Sparky" Anderson's first name?
101 What catcher was known as "The Kid"?
102 The "The Yankee Clipper" was ?
103 Which catcher was "Pudge"?
104 Which relief pitcher was nicknamed "Goose"?
105 "Mr. October" was?
106 The "Big Unit" was ?
107 Frank Thomas was known as ?
108 "The Say Hey Kid" was?
109 Stan the Man's last name?
110 The "Sultan of Swat" was?
111 Who was "Yaz"?
112 What is the MLB regulation distance to the center field wall?
113 What is the length of one side of a regulation baseball base?
114 What are the regulation dimensions of the pitchers plate?
115 How much higher is the pitcher's plate than home plate?
116 What one color can a pitcher not wear as a long sleeved shirt?
117 What is the largest bat barrel diameter permitted in the MLB?
118 The distance from home to the pitcher's plate is 60 feet, 6 inches measured from?
119 An official baseball weighs?
120 No part of the uniform shall include a pattern that imitates or suggests the shape of a ?
121 Who is A-Rod?
122 A southpaw is a?
123 What is it called in softball when you get two runners out on the same batted ball?
124 In what years did the Blue Jays win the world series?
125 What sport use the statistic E.R.A.?
126 What sports field has a bullpen?
127 Which of these is a baseball pitch?
128 Who was the commissioner during the Black Sox Scandal?
129 Where is Dodger Stadium?
130 What is a Grand Slam?
131 What position did Nolan Ryan play?
132 Where does the pitcher stand?
133 The most common stolen base is?
134 Who's #42 is retired by the MLB?
135 How many baseball positions in the infield?
136 Mike Trout pulls line drive. It bounces between the left field line and the stands, then bounces off the foul pole, into the left field seats. What is it ruled?
137 In what year did the National league adopt the designated hitter rule?
138 What year was the first MLB game played?
139 In what year was the first American League MLB game played?
140 In what year did the American League introduce the designated hitter?
141 In what year did the expansion team Seattle Mariners join the MLB?
142 In what year did the expansion team Toronto Blue Jays join the MLB?
143 In what year did the expansion team Texas Rangers join the MLB?
144 What year did the expansion team Los Angeles Angels join the MLB?
145 What year did the expansion team Washington Senators join the MLB?
146 How many teams were in the American League in 1901 for their year in the MLB?
147 Who is credited with inventing baseball?
148 Which MLB team did Chipper Jones play 19 seasons for?
149 What position wears the most equipment?
150 Which is not considered a legal baseball pitch?
151 Who won the World Baseball Classic in 2017?
152 How many Gold Gloves did Ozzie Smith win?
153 Who bounced a fly ball off their head into the outfield seats for a home run?
154 Who won the World Baseball Classic in 2013?
155 Who won the World Baseball Classic in 2009?
156 Who won the World Baseball Classic in 2006?
157 Who was the 2017 World Baseball Classic tournament MVP?
158 Who was the last player to wear number 42 as an MLB player?
159 This plays in?
160 These are the?
161 This team plays home games in?
162 This former Pittsburgh Pirate is?
163 This team is the Milwakee?
164 Name the team?
165 These are the?
166 What is the nickname of the Arizona MLB team?
167 The MLB team from LA are the?
168 This MLB teamm is from?
169 The Giants are from?
170 This MLB team is from?
171 The MLB team Mariners are from?
172 This MLB team is the?
173 These are the New York?
174 This MLB team plays at Camden Yard?
175 The San Diego team nickname is?
176 This MLB team is from?
177 The black and gold uniforms in the MLB belong to the Pittsburgh?
178 The Rangers are from?
179 The Tampa Bay MLB baseball team is the?
180 The MLB team nicknamed the Reds are from?
181 Where are these Red Sox from?
182 This MLB logo is for the?
183 The Royals are an MLB team from?
184 This is the logo for the MLB team?
185 This is the baseball team logo for?
186 The MLB team the White Sox are from?
187 The New York Yankees play their home games at?
188 In 2017, to pitch a complete nine inning away game, a Major League pitcher needs 27 outs. Considering all possible scenarios, what is the absolute fewest number of pitches he can throw to reach 27 outs?
189 first team to put numbers on their jerseys?
190 why did babe ruth wear the number 3?
191 how many stitches does a baseball have?
192 wich Mlb player holds the record for most home runs by a rookie in 50 games?
193 Who Invented Baseball?

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