How to Play Sport Trivia ChallengeTM

You can play a single player game, by clicking Game. Play a challenge against friends by clicking Challenge, Suggest a question, or Login.

To play a Challenge, you must be a registered Player. Players can also manage their profile, including their career stats. You do not need to be a registered Player to play a single player Game, but you do need to register to have your stats tracked.

Brand New! Baseball Trivia Game!

Play a baseball only trivia challenge. All questions are baseball.

Play Baseball Trivia Now!

Brand New! Hockey Trivia Game!

Play a hockey only trivia challenge. All questions are hockey.

Play Hockey Trivia Now!

Brand New! Football Trivia Game!

Play a football only trivia challenge. All questions are football.

Play Football Trivia Now!

Perfect Game Hall of Fame

Our newest feature, the Perfect Game Hall of Fame. Score a Perfect Game and get your name added to the Hall of Fame.

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